Cavity Treatment

Cavity is one of the most common type of tooth problem due to tooth decay caused by germs, acidic substances and leftover foods.
As it brings pain and break down to the teeth, the decayed area must be removed and treated with filling materials such as amalgam, gold, resin, ceramic inlay.
It is important to get periodic check-ups to prevent deep cavities which may require nerve treatment.

  • Dental Implant

Types of
Cavity Treatment

  • TYPE1


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    Resin is appropriate on cases where only
    slight stripping is necessary.
    It is a tooth-color material used to fill in the
    stripped area of the teeth.

  • TYPE2


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    Inlay treatment is appropriate on deep,
    wide and severe cavities or interdental cavities.
    After the removal of cavities, gold, resin or ceramic is used to form
    a structure around the damaged area to restore its form and function.

  • TYPE3


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    With metallic or porcelain material,
    Crown entirely covers broken tooth or
    severely damaged tooth due to cavity and prevents odontoclasis.

Cavity Treatment Process

  • 01 01

    Cavity diagnosis

  • 01 02

    Cavity removal

  • 01 03

    Prosthesis production

  • 01 04


Before and After

  • Resin Cases

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  • Before after
  • Before after
  • Inlay & Crown Cases

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