Improve wrinkles on the face! Improve wrinkles on the face!



In general, fillers are used
to replace natural substances

  • Surgery duration
    Surgery duration

    About 10 mins

  • Stitch Removal
    Stitch Removal


  • Hospitalization


  • Incision site
    Incision site


  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea
    Recommended Staying
    Period in Korea

    1 day

  • Anesthesia

    N/A (Numbing Cream)

What is Filler?

Fillers are created from various natural/artificial substances
and are inserted into the skin to expand soft tissue.

In general, fillers are used to replace natural substances in the skin
(collagen, hyaluronic acid) lost due to aging,
and to improve wrinkles on the face.

Also, fillers are used for burnt scars, cyto damage, deformed scars
and birth defects.

  • Various

  • Artificial

  • Improve
    on the face.

Role of Filler

  • Hydrates skin

    Hydrates skin

  • Improves viscosity

    Improves viscosity and elasticity with damping and lubrication functions

  • Growth of the new skin cytos

    Expedites changing old skin cytos to new ones and growth of the new skin cytos

  • keep skin tissue of skin cytos

    Expedites production of collagen and other necessary substances to keep skin tissue of skin cytos

  • Support maintaining skin tissue

    Support maintaining skin
    tissue with collagen and elastin

Types of Filler

  • 6 month ~ 1 year

    (HA) Restylane , Juvederm, Yvoire
    Perfactha, Teosyal, etc.

  • 3 ~ 5 year

    (PLA) Sculptra, (PAAG) Perform
    (Calcium) Radiesse, Facetem

  • 5 ~ 10 year

    (PMMA) Artecoll

The layer for filler injection
differs by filler types!

  • Restylane


    Consisted of hyaluronic acid that is identical to human body’s skin ingredients,
    is the injection that have been approved by FDA at the very first. It is used for reducing
    wrinkles, elevating the nose, expanding the lips, correcting sunken areas of the face,
    correcting body figure, and improving wrinkles and volume.

    Restylane lidocaine filler injection allows less pain by adding lidocaine which
    is local anesthesia.

  • Juvederm


    Our skin ages through time, and the natural volume of the skin begins to decrease
    so that wrinkles appear and certain areas get depressed. The filler Juvederm reverses
    these effects and provides anti aging effects.

    FDA approved its 12 month lasting effect by one treatment. It is gel type which is
    absorbed into the body, so you can expect wrinkle improvement and skin hydration
    and elasticity.

  • Artecol


    Artecol is comprised of PMMA(Poly Mefthyl Meth Acrylate) material that is used for
    osteomyelitis treatment and bone adhesion.

    Artecol has semi-permanent effect that has been improved from regular
    fillers that last short period.

The Advantages of Filler

  • Convenient
    with immediate

  • Able to return
    to daily activity

  • Easy to add or
    remove as desired

  • Melts in the body
    after a certain period
    of time without
    side effects

Process of Filler Injection

  1. 01. Consultation

    01. Consultation

    Customizes design with our medical

  2. 02. Anesthesia

    02. Anesthesia

    Numbing cream on the areas to be treated

  3. 03. Injecition

    03. Injecition

    Inject a dose