Breast Augmentation

The overall balance and proportions of the body
& Self-confidence.

  • Surgery duration
    Surgery duration

    2 hrs ~ 3 hrs

  • Stitch Removal
    Stitch Removal

    2 weeks after

  • Hospitalization

    1 day

  • Blood Drainage Removal
    Blood Drainage Removal

    1 day after

  • Fixable Bra
    Fixable Bra

    Recommended to wear
    for at least 2 weeks

  • Recovery Period
    Recovery Period

    Return to daily activities
    after stitch removal

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation using implants beautifully enlarges small
or saggy breasts in proportion to the body size.

  • Ideal ratios
    and degrees

  • Voluptuous
    natural shape

  • Proper

Customized Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation involves using implants to create fuller breasts or restore breasts that may have lost volume.
If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, augmentation surgery should be considered. It can increase the volume and projection of the breasts,
and also improve the overall balance and proportions of the body and self-confidence. Breast augmentation surgery alone has limitations in correcting severely drooping breasts.
If you want to lift sagging breasts, breast lifting surgery may be required in addition to the augmentation.

  • Natural line

  • Desired size

  • Voluminous

  • Natural

  • Special

Special Customized Surgery Method
  • Implant Type

    Round Type, Motiva

  • Incision Site

    Areola Incision, Armpit Incision, Breast Fold Incision

  • Surgery Method

    Fat Graft Method, Implant Augmentation

Incision Sites

Incisions are made on inconspicuous areas in order to minimize visible scarring.
We will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome.

  • Breast Fold (Inframammary) Incision

    Breast Fold (Inframammary) Incision

    • Incision is made along the under-breast line
    • Often chosen to avoid obvious scar on the armpit
    • Recommended on revision cases or to those who need
      major correction
    • Appropriate for inserting large implants.
  • Areola (Periareolar) Incision

    Areola (Periareolar) Incision

    • Incision is made along the under line of the areola
    • Scar is not so obvious
    • Minimal pain compared to other methods
    • Easy to move arms after the surgery
    • Hypoesthesia (sensory disorder) of nipples may occur
  • Armpit (Transaxillary) Incision

    Armpit (Transaxillary) Incision

    • With an endoscope, the area for implant insertion is precisely
      checked and measured in order to minimize the damages
      of blood vessels and nerves.
    • Short recovery period
    • No visible scar on the breast area
    • Enables breast-feeding after the surgery as it does not
      damage the mammary glandular tissue

Implant Insertion Area

  • Insertion Area 01

    Double Surface
    Double Surface
    Double Surface Insertion (Dual Plane)

    This is the most advanced method which combined the
    advantages of upper and the lower muscular areas.
    The upper part of the implant is placed within the submuscular
    area, and the lower part of the implant is placed within
    the subglandular area. It exquisitely renders the under-breast
    fold for the most natural surgery outcome.

    Double Surface Insertion (Dual Plane)
    • Appropriate for all breast types
    • Natural shape as the under-breast fold is exquisitely expressed
    • Naturally lifts and enlarges droopy breasts
    • The implant is highly integrated with mammary gland
    • Low possibility of capsular contracture
  • Insertion Area 02

    Sub-Glandular Insertion

    The sub-glandular technique places the implant between
    the breast tissue and the chest muscle. It is appropriate
    to those who have enough breast tissue and volume.
    However, it is rarely performed nowadays since it results
    to an unnatural look with pronounced roundness with higher
    possibility of capsular contracture.

    • Effective in lifting droopy breasts
    • More cleavage can be created for distant breasts case
    • In case the patient has enough volume, the shape can
      turn out natural
  • Insertion Area 03

    Sub-Muscular Insertion

    The sub-muscular technique places the implants partially under
    the pectoral muscle through an endoscopic armpit incision.
    It is a safer choice for those who have excessively small breasts
    and have insufficient breast tissues.

    • Effective in size augmentation with natural shape.
    • Reduces nerve damage
    • Low rate of capsular contracture
    • Implants’ rims are invisible as they’re covered by both the
      breast tissue and the pectoral muscle
    • Does not affect mammogram as the implant is placed apart
      from the mammary glands.

WONJIN’S Breast Implant Policy

WONJIN only uses implants by companies such as Mentor, Allergan, Natrelle, Polytech and Motiva which were approved by both FDA and KFDA.
All implants from these companies maintain highest quality and safety based on over 20 years of researches and strict quality control system.
They are the safest breast implants which are used within over 75 countries worldwide.

WONJIN’S Breast Implant Policy

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  • Mentor

  • Motiva

  • Polytech