• Will my skin become lumpy after liposuction?


    When excessive amounts of fat cytos are removed or when the fat cytos was removed from one section, the skin may appear lumpy. Our specialized doctor suction the right amount of fat evenly so it doesn’t really happen.


  • Will the skin sag after liposuction?

    In order to prevent the skin from sagging, it is important to determine how much fat removal is required, and delicately designed so that the surface of the skin does not look out of proportion. Also it is important to wear compressive garment well to prevent from skin sagging. 

  • Will I regain weight or fat after liposuction?


    The actual fat cytos was suctioned so you won’t regain weight as much as before the surgery. However there are still left over fat cytos and if you are not managing yourself those fat cytos gets bigger then it might look you gain weight. So we recommend you to exercise and manage yourself to see better result.


  • Do side effects include severe swelling?


    The surgical region after liposuction can be inflamed and bruised for a week. The skin and the tissues under the skin can harden from scar tissue formation but it will gradually subside.

    Bruising and swelling, to a certain degree, are expected post-surgical side effects.
    These side effects will improve over a week, but it will take a few months to eliminate hardened scar tissues.
    We recommend our patients to keep active and go for light strolls to reduce the swelling.


  • What are the steps involved with liposuction?


    Depending on the area, we generally melt the stored fat cells and then remove it with a cannula suction. This way, we are able to avoid unnecessary tissue damage and nerve damage. We recommend compression clothing to our patients which helps reduce swelling and molds a slimmer body line. These compression wear are tailored for each individual patients and it may be extremely tight and uncomfortable at first but should be worn for at least 2-3 months.


  • How much fat can be removed?


    Fats should be removed in moderation because gratuitous amount of fat removal is not necessarily healthier nor aesthetically pleasing. Also, sudden fat loss can cause the saggy skin. As we can’t remove the whole fat cytos as your body need it, after doctor’s diagnosis, the right amount of fat will be removed depends on your skin type and your body condition.


  • Is it compulsory to wear compression clothes?


    For 1st month after the surgery, patients has to wear compression clothes for 24 hours. After that, Patients are advised to wear compression clothing for at least 2-3 months to see better effectiveness of the surgery. Compression clothes helps to subside the swelling and prevent from the skin sagging so it is recommendable.


  • How soon can the results be noticeable after liposuction?


    The results will not be noticeable immediately after liposuction. Swelling and bruising will be apparent for a week to two weeks after the surgery and it will be subsided over time. The skin will begin to tighten and the patients' body will begin to slim down over 2-3 months. 
    The slimming effect will
    show differently depends patient’s conditions and healing process.


  • Will my weight be different?


    Liposuction essentially removes fat cytos from the body, allowing for significant weight loss. 
    You will see the difference with your weight and especially when you look at the mirror the line will be changed.


  • When will I be able to return to my daily activities?


    Swelling will subside for a week but there should be no issues with returning to daily activities. 
    After 5 days, patients will be able to return to their work place.
    Usually, local anesthesia or sleep anesthesia are administered, thus patients are able to be discharged on the same day.