• Will my face really become smaller if I have the square jaw surgery?


    It can’t make the whole face slimmer but as jaw bone is reduced, you can have slimmer and smaller jaw line.


  • Don’t I need a separated surgery of square jaw reduction and Front Chin surgery?


    No, you don’t. You can have square jaw and front chin surgery at the same time and even with cheekbone reduction.


  • Won't that leave rough angles?


    It will not happen if the surgeons have enough experience and skills. As our surgeons have lots of experiences and great skill, it won’t leave those angles. That is why you have to choose right hospital for your surgery.


  • Won’t my nerves on the chin become dull?


    Such complications won’t happen if the surgeons have enough experience and skills. As surgeons in WONJIN all have at least 10 years of experience within their fields, they’ll perform the surgery after a detailed analysis of your bone structure to minimize the possibilities of side effects.


  • When can I go back to the daily activity?


    Although it really depends on each patient, the swelling appears for the first two days and gradually subsides. 80% of swelling will subside after 7 days. Generally, daily activities are possible in about 7 days, and for those with jobs that require a lot of talking, daily activities are possible in about 2 weeks.


  • Will it cause the sagging of the cheeks?


    Sagging cheeks after surgery is a side effect of cheekbone reduction, not square jaw reduction. Spin-carving of Wonjin makes micro incision inside mouth and thus strictly avoids the sagging of cheek. This even reduces the muscle inside skin to form an elastic side chin.


  • My front chin is a little retreated, is Front chin surgery suitable for me? Or implant insertion?


    Depends on the bone structure and your overall facial ratio, the recommended surgery is different so an accurate consultation is essential.


  • Will I get wrinkles or lumps after the front chin surgery?


    No need to worry about these if the surgeon has carried out the surgery in a precise manner. Lump or wrinkles may appear sometimes after a Front Chin surgery. This is a side effects resulted by an inexperienced surgeon. When the front chin is fractured, the muscles around will also be cut together. At this point, Wonjin accurately rearrange not only the bones but the muscles together to form a smooth and well padded front chin without any wrinkles.


  • Implants or Fat Graft? Which is better?


    It depends on your personal preference. If you want to have permanent effect, implant is more recommended. If you don’t want any foreign body in your face, fat grafting is recommended. However depends on your facial condition and your concern, the recommended surgery can be different.


  • Won’t the forehead surgery cause hair loss?


    Hair loss hardly occur as a micro incision of 2~3mm around the hair line boundary does not damage the hair. Also, any hairstyle including tying a pony tail is possible after surgery due to invisible scars.


  • Won’t the facial expression become awkward if an implant is inserted?


    No it won’t. the custom-made implant will be inserted and it is designed as your bone shape so it won’t look awkward.


  • My face became rather big after Cheekbone surgery!


    Cheekbone reduction should maintain the face volume instead of blindly reducing the bones. As to that the understanding and aesthetic sense of the surgeon is highly required.


  • My cheeks are saggy after cheekbone surgery!


    Cheeks may become saggy due to opened cheekbone gaps if the skin are overly exfoliated or the bones are not properly fixed after surgery during the cheekbone surgery. Wonjin resolves the problem factors of cheek sagging by firmly fixing the bones at their proper position through revision. Lifting procedure is added to improve the elasticity and volume as the soft tissues are stretched together with the saggy cheeks.


  • When can I do revision as I want to fix it as early as possible!


    A rush revision is a cause for other side effects. Commonly, it is most appropriate to proceed the revision after 6 months when the damaged bones and organization due to the first surgery are completely healed.