Clients Service
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# Aftercare Program

International Clients Service

  • Pre-consultation Service
    Pre-consultation Service
    • Pre-consultation regarding surgery area, estimated price, operation time, recovery time, hospitalization, visit, and reservation
  • Reservation Service
    Reservation Service
    • Reservation for consultation and operation on the most convenient day for the patients
    • Provide help with reservation for nearby hotels and pick-up service
  • Consultation
    • Appointment with consultant and specialized plastic surgeon
    • Well-trained interpreters on standby
  • Operation
    • Operation proceeds after the confirming the surgery area and signing the consent of operation
  • Post-operative Care Service
    Post-operative Care Service
    • Provide various post-operative care systems (Instructions on medication, sleeping position, etc.)
    • Reservation for post-operative treatment
    • Provide post-operative care interpretation

Transportation : Limousine service - Airport pick up and drop off

Limousine service

Interpretations in various languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian)

Interpretations in various languages

Operating Foreigner Service Desk

Operating Foreigner Service Desk

After Care Program

After Care Program

Receipt for tax refund (Passport required)at the airport upon your departure

Post-operative Care Service

Contact Information

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Affiliated Accommodations

  • Hospital
    (24 hour Intensive Care Unit)
    · Location : Hospital
    · Homepage :
    · Room Rate : 200,000 KRW (VAT excluded)
  • Gangnam Family Hotel
    · Location : 143, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    · Homepage :
    · Tel : +82 2-447-9959