Achievement of a beautiful face line Achievement of a beautiful face line

Perfect V-line

Reveal your hidden charm!
An attractive V-Line from
multiple angle

Through the facial contour surgery, you can achieve
smooth and defined facial line from any angle.
Wonjin's facial contour system provides experienced face contouring
specialists, anesthesiologist, proper medical equipment and
proper emergency manual for your safety.

As it is a high-level surgery, safety is considered as much as the
achievement of a beautiful face line.

Types of Surgery

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

If the width of cheekbone is wider than the width of forehead, cheekbone surgery can be a resolution for a slimmer and smoother face line.
Protruding side cheekbones are reduced while front cheekbones are volumized for a refined face line.

Types of Surgery 01 Front
Types of Surgery 01 45˚
Types of Surgery 01 Side

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

Excessive reduction of the jaw bone may result to a very unnatural jaw line. Therefore, it is important to find right angle and the right contour
of your face that suits each individual after a careful consideration of the overall facial ratio for the most natural and defined look.

Types of Surgery 02 Front
Types of Surgery 02 45˚
Types of Surgery 02 Side

Front Chin Reduction Surgery

Front Chin Reduction Surgery also requires sophisticated skill of surgeon for an accurate “T-shaped” excision of the bone.
For safety, it must be done after analyzing the chin structure and nerve location.

Types of Surgery 03 Front
Types of Surgery 03 45˚
Types of Surgery 03 Side

Surgical Planning for Facial Contouring Surgery


Medical examination before surgery

1 2 3

The day
of Surgery

(If needed)


Stitch removal

Shampoo is allowed
(Only for square jaw
and chin surgery)

6 7 8 9 10

Stitches removal on

(cheekbone surgery)
Facial cleansing is
(cheekbone surgery)


Brushing the teeth
and make-up are

Shampoo is allowed
(cheekbone surgery)

12 13 14 15 16 17

Intraoral stitch

  • 3

    3 The day of Surgery

  • 5

    Stitch removal (Non-incision)

  • 10

    *Stitches remova on sideboard
    (cheekbone surgery)
    *Facial cleansing is allowed
    (cheekbone surgery)

  • 11

    Stitch removal (Non-incision)

  • 17

    Daily activities are possible
    Make up and cleansing are allowed

Wonjin’s complex face Contouring surgery does not only aim for a slim, small face, but also revises the entire bone
structure starting from the cheekbone all the way to the front chin after considering overall facial ratio.

Complex Facial Contouring Complex Facial Contouring

Appropriate incision sites are decided based on the 3D CT scanning results in order to reduce the laterally protruding points of the cheekbone.
Such detailed analysis detects the most optimum points for reduction and therefore, the patient can expect satisfactory results seen from both front and side.

Cheekbone surgery Cheekbone surgery

Square jaw reduction surgery does not simply reduce the size of the jaws.
After a detailed analysis of the optimum reduction point, the mandibular bones are excised for an utmost surgery outcome.

Square jaw reduction surgery Square jaw reduction surgery

Front chin surgery also requires a detailed surgical approach as well.
The chin is designed through “T-shaped” osteotomy based on an analysis of nerve locations.

Front chin reduction surgery Front chin reduction surgery

Facial Contour System

  • SYSTEM 01

    Full body examination

    At Wonjin beauty medical group, several health checks are examined prior to the surgery.
    All the necessary examinations such as Blood test and EKG for you to have surgery with best condition

  • SYSTEM 02


    Optimum osteotoy line will be analyzed using 3D-CT and virtual simulation through Real 3D scanner.
    We help you to achieve the most ideal face line with your facial ratio

  • SYSTEM 03


    you will have consultation with our consultant first to discuss about your concern and to get recommended
    surgery for you.

    Second step
    you will have consultation with our facial contouring specialists, the consultation will be done based on the
    analysis of 3D-CT to discuss about your surgery method and detailed information.

  • SYSTEM 04

    Facial contouring specialists

    you will meet our facial contouring specialists who built their career since 1999. Facial contour surgery will be
    performed with our surgeons's sophisticated skills from a lot of cases and experiences. Our specialized facial
    contour team try to minimize any possible complications through detailed analyzation and discussion.

  • SYSTEM 05


    Our anesthesiology department is responsible for your safety from the beginning or surgery until
    being discharged. Also, we are equipped with various high-tech medical devices for any unexpected emergency