Anti-aging without incision! Anti-aging without incision!

Laser Lifting

What is Laser Lifting?

Laser lifting is an anti-aging treatment without incisional method
that improves skin elasticity and wrinkles by using high-intensity
ultrasonic waves or high frequency that stimulates collagen
to regenerate in skin and SMAS layers.

  • Stimulates

  • Regenerate
    in skin and
    SMAS layers

  • Improves
    skin elasticity


Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System

SMAS layer is the part that located in-between subcutaneous fat and
muscle layer which is 4.5mm deeper than derma skin layer and directly
affects skin elasticity and wrinkles due to the thin fibroelastic membrane
between skin and muscle.

SMAS layer gets weaker by aging and gravity so skin and fat layers also get saggy.
For a greater lifting effect, the SMAS layer should be improved.

Why Laser Lifting?

Simple Way to Lifting without Surgery!

  • Fast V-line result!

    Fast V-line result!

    Since laser lifting does not use incisional method for skin lifting, a fast result can be achieved.

  • For not only face and neck but also breast and butt!

    For not only face and neck but also breast and butt!

    Laser lifting treatment can be done not only face but also breast, calf, butt, etc. for a slimmer body line.

  • Suitable for all ages and genders!

    Suitable for all ages and genders!

    Regardless of age or sex, laser treatment can be done for those who wish to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity without worrying about surgical side effects.

  • Improve skin elasticity from inner skin!

    Improve skin elasticity from inner skin!

    Laser lifting tightens skin and SMAS layers which are the root cause of wrinkles by using high-intensity ultrasonic waves or high frequency for wrinkle improvement and lifting effect.

The Principle of Laser Lifting

Laser gets through to not only derma layer but also SMAS layer
and lifts from the inner layers of skin for greater effects.

  • High-intensity
  • Production
    of thermal
  • Immediate
    tightening effect
  • Healing
  • Wrinkle,
    Scar Improvement

The Advantages of Laser Lifting

  • Wrinkle

  • V Line

  • Skin elasticity

  • Skin regeneration

Areas for Laser Lifting

Laser Lifting Process

  1. 1. Consultation with specialist

    1. Consultation with

  2. 2. Cleansing

    2. Cleansing

  3. 3. Numbing cream application

    3. Numbing cream

  4. 4. Customized laser treatment

    4. Customized laser

  5. 5. Skin soothing care

    5. Skin soothing care

  6. 6. Finish

    6. Finish

  1. 1. Do not wash your face with hot or cold water for next 2~3 days after treatment
  2. 2. Little bit of redness or swelling will appear right after treatment, but it goes away soon

Fast and satisfactory results
by clinically approved laser machines and customized treatments!

WONJIN’s Laser Lifting

  1. 1. Professional diagnosis of patient’s skin condition
    Skin treatment does not have one standard method and differs by individual skin conditions.
    Customized treatment plan based on professional diagnosis by specialist is necessary for a safe,
    fast, and satisfactory result.
  2. 2. Professional treatment by highly skilled specialist with experience.
    Laser gets through to the deep inner skin layer so it needs to be monitored with a ultrasonic
    waves monitor to target the accurate layer.
    Wonjin’s specialists with lots of experience and skill will satisfy your safety and desire.
  3. 3. Use only clinically approved laser machines
    Wonjin uses only clinically approved laser machines for its safety and effects to prevent any
    complications by illegal treatment and machine.