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Body Contour System

  1. SYSTEM 01


    Through the observation of your body shape and the expectation that you have, suitable surgery for you will be recommended. And through the InBody system, it will measure your current fat level and percentage of fat cyto to have detailed consultation

  2. SYSTEM 02


    1st step.
    You will have consultation with our consultant first to discuss about your concern and to get recommended surgery for you.
    2nd step.
    You will have consultation with our body contouring specialists, The consultation will be done to discuss about your surgery method and detailed information

  3. SYSTEM 03


    You will meet our Body contouring specialists who built their career since 1999. Body contour surgery will be performed with our surgeons’ sophisticated skills from a lot of cases and experiences. Our specialized body contour team try to minimize any possible complications through detailed analyzation and discussion.

  4. SYSTEM 04


    Our anesthesiology department is responsible for your safety from the beginning of surgery until being discharged. Also, we are equipped with various high-tech medical devices for any unexpected emergency situations.

Surgery Precautions Before & After

  • Before the surgeryemoticon

    Before the surgery

    • Stop taking the medicines that disturb hemorrhage control (Herbal medicine, Vitamin E, and Aspirin) at least 2 weeks before
      the surgery. Notify the consultant and the surgeon if you are under treatment of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and
    • Notify the consultant and the surgeon if you have flu to check your respiratory system.
    • For female patients, if you have menstruation, please inform our consultant in advance.
    • For your safety and health, please avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for a week before the surgery
    • Taking shower with mild type soap on the day of surgery is recommended and remove contact lenses, jewelry,
      accessories, nail polish, and make-up before coming to the clinic.
    • Do not eat or drink (including candy, gum, and water) 8 hours before the surgery .
    • Prepare comfortable clothes (hoodie or button down shirt), mask, scarf, cap, and sunglasses. It is hard to drive after the
      surgery, so please come with the guardian.
  • After the surgeryemoticon

    After the surgery

    • Take a good rest on the surgery day. Liquid may leak off from the body within 24 hours to 3 days after surgery and swelling
      and bruise may occur.
    • Wear compression garment from the day after the surgery or after releasing the bandage until 2-3 months after for swelling
      subsidence and skin settlement after surgery.
    • Take shower at least 7 days after the surgery for wound to heal and do not rub or wet the wounded area.
    • Drinking alcohol and smoking is prohibited for 4 weeks after the surgery.
    • For buttock augmentation : Sleep on the side or on stomach is recommended for at least a month.
      Irritation may occur when sitting on chair for about 2 weeks after the surgery.