All Ceramic is a restoration that covers up the tooth entirely in order to correct severe misalignments, shape disfigurements, discolorations and protrusions.
The stripping area is a lot broader than laminates, but the application range is larger than laminates as well.
After a detailed analysis of the teeth condition, natural and even teeth arrangement can be acquired without orthodontics .

  • All-Ceramic

All-Ceramic Cases

  • Severely cracked teeth

    Severely cracked teeth

    Compared to dental composite resins, all ceramic is a better restoration in terms
    of solidity and durability.

  • Wide teeth gap

    Wide teeth gap

    Wide gaps can be corrected with partial orthodontics,
    but for quicker correction, all-ceramic can be a better option.

  • Projecting teeth (Snaggletooth)

    Projecting teeth (Snaggletooth)

    Projecting teeth require a long-term orthodontics with teeth extraction.
    All-ceramic can be a better solution for those who want short-term treatment
    without extraction.

  • Protruding teeth

    Protruding teeth

    Buck teeth or severely protruded teeth can often make the mouth look protruded
    as well. In this case, mouth protrusion can be improved simply with all-ceramic.

  • Projecting teeth (Snaggletooth)

    Projecting teeth (Snaggletooth)

    Orthodontics can be a long-term treatment for severe misalignment cases.
    All-ceramic can quickly correct the teeth alignment within a short period of time.

  • Protruding teeth

    Protruding teeth

    As time passes by, the border of the gums can turn black due to ordinary prosthetic
    materials. In this case, all-ceramic can replace the color.

Features of All-Ceramic

  • Strength & Clear

    The Strength is excellent and appearance is clear with color like real teeth

  • Natural

    The whole set of teeth is covered with ceramic, similar to natural teeth

  • Economic

    Timely & economic for patients who are not recommended braces

  • Trimming tooth

    0.3-0.4mm of tooth
    needs to be trimmed