Non-invasive lifting

Improve elasticity on whole face

Improve elasticity
on whole face.

  • Surgery duration
    Surgery duration

    1 hour

  • Stitch Removal
    Stitch Removal


  • Hospitalization


  • Incision site
    Incision site


  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea
    Recommended Staying
    Period in Korea

    3 days

  • Anesthesia

    Sedative Anesthesia

What is Non-invasive lifting?

Non-invasive lifting uses melting thread that contains ingredient called PDO
that has been approved by FDA. It is inserted into derma layer of skin
and pulled up towards desired direction, which leads to regenerate
skin cytos and this brings various effects such as wrinkles improvement,
skin elasticity, skin tone improvement, V-line face line etc.

  • Regenerate
    Skin Cyto

  • Wrinkle

  • V-line face

The Principle of Non-invasive lifting

Skin condition returns just like 10 years ago, inner beauty skin care is the answer!

Once the thread is inserted in the derma layer, collagen and elastin creation activate.
It improves blood circulation for pure and clear skin.

  • The Principle of Non-invasive lifting
  • The Principle of Non-invasive lifting
  • The Principle of Non-invasive lifting
  • The Principle of Non-invasive lifting

The Advantages of Non-invasive lifting Thread

PDO thread, which is approved as a Prime Grade (4th Grade) for safety classification by the Ministry of Food and Drugs Administration,
consists of protein that melts inside the body. It has similar effect as an injection because the thread is connected on the tip of the needle which
allows the insertion of many threads.

  • Almost no foreign
    body sensation
    because it melts after
    3 months

  • Desired shape can be
    achieved since
    the thread can be
    pulled in any direction

  • Almost no scar because
    the thread is thinner
    than hair (0.12mm)
    and about a finger size

  • Greater effect
    if more threads
    are inserted

  • Thread helps collagen
    production for skin

  • Great wrinkle

  • Enhance
    skin elasticity

  • Whitening effect

  • V line

  • Body S line

Areas for Non-invasive lifting

Around the eyes, smile line, neck, forehead, eyebrows, droopy cheek, double chin, scars, breast reduction, hip

  • Areas for Non-invasive lifting
  • Areas for Non-invasive lifting
  • Areas for Non-invasive lifting

Non-invasive lifting Process

  1. 1. Design

    1. Design

    Design on the area where the thread will be inserted

  2. 2. Anesthesia

    2. Anesthesia

    Local or deep sleep anesthesia depending on individual condition

  3. 3. Thread Insertion

    3. Thread Insertion

    Insert the thread inside of skin and pull toward desired direction

  4. 4. Finish

    4. Finish

    The result will appear immediately and able to return to daily activity right away

Wonjin’s Key Points

Wonjin’s Thread Lifting Key Points

  • Direction


    Well understanding of skin base structure to pinpoint the fix point to pull skin tissues in right direction is very important for the good result.

  • Force


    The adequate amount of pulling force is needed accordingly because the front cheek, jaw line, etc. have all different stretching level

  • Combination


    The best result can be expected by combining several threads together for different areas.

  • Skill


    Doctor's sophisticated and skilled technique are the most important factors for the good result.