Elastic Lifting

Improve elasticity on whole face

Improve elasticity
on whole face.

  • Surgery duration
    Surgery duration

    1 hour

  • Stitch Removal
    Stitch Removal

    1 week after

  • Hospitalization


  • Incision site
    Incision site

    Depends on surgery area

  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea
    Recommended Staying
    Period in Korea

    7 days

  • Anesthesia

    Sedative Anesthesia

What is Elastic Lifting

Unlike the general thread lift, it is a new type of thread lifting
which has tufted polyester surrounded on silicone for the natural
elastic effect on face and body with minimum incision
and quick recovery.

  • New type of
    thread lifting

  • Natural
    elastic effect

  • Quick

Elastic Lifting Features

  • Minimize the scar

  • Wonjin Lifting
    Center’s rich experience
    and know-how

  • Tight elasticity with
    natural movement

Why Wonjin’s Elastic Lifting?

  1. Wonjin’s Elasticum Non-incisional Alar Reduction
    with differentiated professionalism

    • 01. Asia Training Doctor!
      Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin

      Dr. Kang has been appointed as the Asia Training Doctor by Dr. Sergio Capurro from Italy, who is the developer
      of Elasticum threads and reconstructive plastic surgeon known globally. With such reputation, he is training
      many domestic doctors about the know-hows through real-time surgeries and lectures.

    • 02. International and domestic
      front runner!
      The only possesor
      and presenter of
      Elasticum lifting research paper

      The research paper contains various surgery cases, methods and know-hows about lifting using Elasticum
      threads. The works have been published with the title of ‘Evaluation of Elastic Lift for Facial Rejuvenation’ in Korea’s official
      journal of AAPS (Archive of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and are being actively acknowledged not only locally, but also globally.

    • 03. With his endless researches
      and academic activities,
      Dr. Kang Moon Seok’s talents are
      constantly being acknowledged

      His expertise and talents are displayed in his academic activities, research papers and real-time live procedures about Elasticum lifting.

  2. Rejuvenation effect with natural movement

    The new material of elastic lifting, Elasticum creates natural movement with engrafted weaving technique.
    It is soft as subcutaneous fat that has elasticity and works as ligament for the long lasting effect.
    The thread is absorbed within 3 weeks and it also works as ligament tissue that will provide rejuvenation effect.

    Rejuvenation effect with natural movement
  3. Accomplish the miracle of never getting old

    Elasticum is different from general lifting thread which incises skin tissue on face or neck.
    Only 1cm of incision is required that minimizes the scar for quick recovery.

    Accomplish the miracle of never getting old!!

Areas for Elastic Lifting (Elasticum)

Around the eyes, smile line, neck, forehead, eyebrows, droopy cheek, double chin, scars, breast reduction, hip