Maximize Vitalization of Your Skin, Premium Resolution for Your Skin Regeneration WONJIN’s HERMEDI 135 INJECTION What is your skin problem? Pigmentation/Brightening, Sebum/Pores, Elasticity/Wrinkles If any of these is your concern, You skin is A G I N G ! Those 3 Signals of Skin Aging, Solve it all at once! HERMEDI 135 INJECTION , -Vitamin -AminoAcid -Antioxidant -Nucleic Acid -Mineral -Coenzyme Wonjin’s one and only premium skin restoration procedure using a patented injection [HERMEDI 135] which contains 53 different active ingredients for skin cytos regeneration. New Paradigm of Skin Regeneration WONJIN’s HERMEDI 135 INJECTION Totally different than other skin regenerating treatment! Use of Pharmaceutical Therapy Injection, Maximum effect expected even through one procedure by using aging cytos treatment certified by ISO and acquired by CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) Quick and Simple Procedure, Can be done within 10 minutes, Immediate return to daily activities without discomfort Various Effects through One Procedure, Multiple effects can be achieved by one time procedure through filler for volume and wrinkle improvement, medical peeling for skin texture improvement, and functional cosmetics for anti-aging The Anti-aging Remedy after Continuous Study, The customized solution for all types of skin conditions discovered after research & development by anti-aging specialists Greater Effect than Any Other Existing Skin Regenerating Injection! Pigmentation/Brightening +132% , Sebum/Pores +144%, Elasticity/Wrinkles +103% ERMEDI IBJECTION -Real reviews of Hermedi 135 from Instagram Influencers- # Elasticity # Tightening, 'Feeling Moisturized for 365 days' / # GlowingSkin # SmoothSkin , 'Pigmentation? Pores?
		I don’t know what that is' t # GorgeousSkin # FullOfVolume , 'I didn’t even get filler but I got volume' / # BackToBabySkin # HealthySkin , 'The aging seems stopped for me' Skin vitality without Make-up Restore Naturally Healthy Skin! Amazing Reviews of HERMEDI 135 Injection from Real Consumers BEFORE & AFTER (3 MONTHS) , I have sensitive skin and there were lots of acne and acne scars because of sebum and oil. After HERMEDI 135 injection, it got much better and even moisturized ♥ BEFORE & AFTER (3 MONTHS) , Since I was young, I had concerned about my acne scar but now it got much better after 2 times of procedure. I will do one more time and am excited for much better result I will get! BEFORE & AFTER (3 MONTHS) , I had lots of acne and skin trouble because of my thin skin..After HERMEDI 135, my skin got more tightened and healthier.My friends told me that my skin got brightened and even glowing so I don’t even have to wear make up nowadays More failure with other treatments, More satisfaction with Hermedi 135 Injection treatment! Pigmentation/Brightening, Sebum/Pores, Elasticity/Wrinkles If you concern any of these,It is time for you to experience Wonjin HERMEDI 135  Awaken Your Skin Vitality, Restore Your Youth ANTI-AGING EXPERT, WONJIN’s HERMEDI 135 INJECTION