Facial Contouring without Bone Shaving ,  Bumpy Face line - Make It Slimmer and Smoother without Surgery! , Wonjin’s No-Touch Face Contouring ※Complications such as bleeding, infection or pigmentation may occur depending on individual condition. Want to make the shape of your face refined and slimmer? The solution for those who are afraid of having face contouring surgery Without Cutting Bone! The King of All Non-Invasive Facial Contouring WONJIN’s No-Touch Face contouring WHAT / IS / IT ? > All in a single procedure Fat Removal + Skin Tightening - This is a laser-sculpting method which can make slimmer and smoother face through enhancing skin elasticity and eliminating fat cyto that causes large and bumpy facial line Facial fats that MUST be removed, Prominent #Cheekbone FAT, Sagging face like a bulldog #Buccal FAT, Bulging  #Cheek FAT, Causing you to look older #Nasolabial fold FAT, Toad-like face #Double chin FAT Wonjin’s No-Touch Face contouring Achieve Slimmer and Smoother Facial Line through only one time procedure Before procedure > After 3months Wonjin Dermatology patient, post 90 days. Droopy and bumpy facial line due to facial fat… Want to make a youthful V-shaped face without surgery?! L A S E R   I N N O V A T I O N , Wonjin’s  / No-Touch / Face / Contouring, Treatment Method - Laser treatment after sedation, Operation Time - Operation Time, Recovery Time- Immediate return to daily activities (swelling/bruising may last several days) , Post-Treatment - You can feel the difference after 2 days, but a definite result will be noticeable after 1 month How to Achieve A Youthful Slim and Smooth Facial Line without Surgery Still Confused?, Don’t Worry!Genie Tip is here for you~ Genie TiP! Treatment Information for a Better Understanding Wonjin’s  No-Touch  Face Contouring - MAIN POINTS - POINT 01 Fat Removal Procedure Using Laser ,#Exquisite Skill #Customized #Treatment #Fat Removal , With the exclusive powerful fat removal laser device,a definite volume reduction effect is achieved by directly getting rid of fat cytos , Selectively break down fat cytos to reduce facial size , [Wonjin’s No-Touch Face Contouring] Clinical scenes of removing fat beneath the skin POINT02 Enhanced Skin Elasticity by Skin Regeneration, Skin Regeneration from the inner layer of scar~ , Enhanced skin tightening effect with collagen promotion through healing process of the scar tissue formed after laser insertion, fat removal, and skin tightening, T/H/U/S , Wonjin’s No-Touch Face Contouring Effect With A Single Procedure Only , Fat Removal, Skin Elasticity, Lifting Effect Slim and Smooth Facial Line ACHIEVED!