Liposuction Precautions for Maximum Benefits


(Seoul=Kukje News) Editor Lee Hyung-No = A toned body has become a trend of beauty recently rather than a skinny body, most of people take care of themselves through diet and exercise. However, there are people who are planning to get liposuction due to the sagging skin that remains even after weight loss.


Most people who are looking for liposuction expect a slimmer body by removing unnecessary fat from certain body parts that don't fall out, such as abdominal and arms. It is performed by extracting fat cells using a cannula and suction tube which help immediately reduce size and correct body shape after the surgery.


Dr. Won Ki-Jung from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group explains, “The liposuction procedure has the advantage that it has an immediate effect after surgery and can quickly return to daily life. However, get a liposuction without planning might bring a negative effect such as imbalance in body shape. Therefore, it is important to plan the surgery in an appropriate way for an individual's body type through personalized consultation with an experienced doctor. Safe surgery can be done by carefully checking whether there’s an anesthesiologist in the hospital or a safety anesthesia system is in place.


Dr. Won said, “Many people recognize liposuction as a relatively simple operation, but liposuction is an operation whose results vary depending on the know-how of the doctor who perform the surgery. Liposuction should be a personalized surgery that performed according to the individual's body type, skin type, and amount of fat. In order to improve the results and satisfaction of the surgery, you need to be accompanied by a surgeon with delicate technique and aesthetic sense”.






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