Rhinoplasty for Bulbous NoseㆍAlar Reduction; From Dull Look to Sophisticated Look!


Dr. Moon-Seok Kang from Wonjin Beauty Medical explains, “A thick skinned tip and a broad nose is called a Bokko and it was a symbol of rich and fortune but these days people want to get a surgery to fix this since it gives a clunky impression. In order to reliably correct Bokko, both the nose tip and alar reduction surgery are recommended”.


The nose located at the center of the face can be varied in various images depending on the height or the shape of the nose. In the past, a wide and thick nose is called Bokko which was the symbol of rich and fortune. However as the time changes, more and more people want to get a surgery since blunt tip and wide nose would give a clunky impression.


Bokko refers to a case where the cartilage at the tip of the nose is excessively developed or open, and there is a lot of thick skin at the tip of the nose. Both the nose tip and alar reduction surgery are recommended to correct Bokko.


Surgery methods will be different for each nose; removing the fat layer of the tip is for thick skinned nose tip and reducing and collecting the tip is for widely opened nose. And raising the tip of the nose with nasal cartilage or ear cartilage will be recommended.


Alar reduction is a surgery that reduces the width of a nostril to create a sophisticated impression. There are both incision and non-incision reduction methods; people are more likely prefer the non-incision method since it has less scar with short recovery time.


Non-incision reduction surgery is a method of pulling both nostrils by inserting medical threads through a small hole in the inside of both noses. When using the special elastic thread such as Elasticum, there it gives natural facial movements when laughing and speaking since Elasticum has great elasticity and stability.


In order to ensure Bokko correction, it is advisable to get both nose tip surgery and alar reduction together to get a sophisticated look.


It is important to find out the most harmonious nose shape with the face of the patient through consultation with a plastic surgeon by understanding the individual nose shape, structure, and tissue. When selecting a hospital, it is desirable to proceed in a hospital managed by a systematic system without being deceived by advertisement phrases.





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