Reason why Elasticum Thread Lift if effective on sagging cheeks


Aging, which starts from the mid 20s is many people’s main problem. Wrinkles start to form around eyes, smile lines and lips where a lot of facial movements are involved, and the jawline droops causing double chin as we lose elasticity. 

As a way to prevent aging, thread lift is gaining popularity regardless of age. Thread lift is a procedure which inserts medical threads that are harmless to human body, into the skin to uplift sagging face. As time passes by, inserted threads naturally induce collagen production and enhance elasticity on the face. However, with short lasting period and its characteristic that it could only lift soft tissues, the effects may not be dramatic.

As a substitute against such disadvantages, “Elasticum Lifting” that uses a special elastic band, is on the spotlight. Elasticum lifting has supplemented the problems of existing lifting threads, with its elastic band that is made out of a special material called ‘Elasticum’. It has powerful elasticity and its characteristics are very similar to human’s ligaments, causing less sensation of foreign materials. The results are also much more natural as the threads move accordingly with the muscle’s movement.

Moreover, Elasticum lifting lasts up to 3~5 years, which is a lot longer than existing thread lifts. It is not only effective on sagging skin due to aging, but also on sagging jowls after face contouring surgery and neck wrinkles.

Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital explained that “ Elasticum Lifting may be a significant resolution on droopy skin, but it is important to select the right threads and plan the procedure based on a thorough analysis on each individual’s condition, since everyone has different droopiness, skin condition and thickness.” He also mentions that “In order to achieve safe and satisfactory outcome, it is more important to research on the surgeon’s professional knowledge and clinical experiences on lifting than to read reviews on other people.” 



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