[Article] Liposuction should consider safety and individual’s body size

Dr. Won Ki Jung from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital


Beauty standards change as time passes by. Women’s interests on slim and fit body line are increasing as much as the interests on beautiful face. However, there are limitations in losing unwanted fats just by exercising and diet and may take a lot of time. In this case, surgical methods can be considered. 

Liposuction is a surgical procedure which removes fats from the very deep inside of subcutaneous fat layer. Through a small incision on the skin, cannula is inserted to suck out the fat cells and thus reduce the body size.

The result is much more satisfactory if it’s performed on areas where the fat layers are thick and wide. It is very effective on areas such as thighs and abdomen where the fats are very difficult to lose through diet. 


However, excessive liposuction which does not considers the patient’s body shape may result to various complications such as loss of elasticity, bumpy skin, asymmetry and irregular dents so an accurate diagnosis on the body structure is a must to prevent such problems. 


Also, liposuction is performed under general or sedative anesthesia and has longer surgery time compared to eye or nose surgeries. Therefore, one must check if the hospital is equipped with anesthesiologists and safety system for safe outcomes. 

Extracting large amounts of fats does not mean that it’s always successful. What’s important for an utmost satisfaction is to create a harmonized body line that goes along with the features which the patient originally has. 

Helped by: Dr. Won Ki Jung from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital

Reference: http://www.stardailynews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=26701








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