(Porcelain Veneer)

Laminate is a procedure wherein the surface of the teeth is stripped about 0.2~0.6mm in order to be covered
with custom-made shells of tooth-colored ceramic materials for shape, size and color improvements.

  • Laminate
  • Laminate

Laminate Cases

  • Teeth discoloration

    Teeth discoloration

    Teeth that are discolored can turn semi-permanently white through lamination.

  • Teeth with gaps / cracks

    Teeth with gaps / cracks

    Gaps or cracks caused by external shocks can be filled in For a smoother set of teeth.

  • Size differences and Misalignments

    Size differences and Misalignments

    Size differences can often make the teeth look uneven.
    Laminate can balance the sizes of the surrounding teeth into an ideal arrangement.

  • Protruding front teeth

    Protruding front teeth

    Laminate can correct the protruding teeth without orthodontics.

Features of Laminate

  • Minimum Trimming

    Amount of tooth
    trimming is less

  • Natural

    The most natural
    and aesthetic results

  • Economic

    Timely & economic
    compared to braces

  • Consultation

    Consultation with
    a specialist is necessary

Before and After

  • CASE 01 CASE 01

    CASE 01

    & Cracked teeth

    6 upper teeth + Whitening
    + Gum correction

  • CASE 02 CASE 02

    CASE 02

    Teeth gap

    6 upper teeth + Whitening
    + Gum correction

  • CASE 03 CASE 03

    CASE 03

    Teeth gap
    & Cracked teeth

    2 front teeth + Whitening

  • CASE 04 CASE 04

    CASE 04

    & Cracked teeth

    4 Upper teeth + Whitening