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Achieving the Most Natural Looking and Touch for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Lee Sun-Goo, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

[The Korea Industry Daily]

Recently, Korean beauty standards for body shape has been changed to more western body shaped – glamorous and voluminous figure rather than skinny or shapeless. As the number of women who prefer such a voluminous body grows, interest in breast formation has been increased naturally. In addition, the perception of breast augmentation has changed liberally from celebrities to the general public by easily talk about their experiences with breast augmentations. 

In the past, the breast augmentation solely focused on increasing the breast size but recently it has been changed to more natural look, shape, and even sizes. This brings out the high satisfaction from customers since the surgeries often done by considered to each patient’s body type.

Even though there are many different types of implants to please patients, it is still a surgery where the implants are inserted in your body. Therefore, it is desirable to choose the breast augmentation surgeon who is with a focus on patients’ safety and abundant clinical experiences.

It is important not only to increase the size of the breast, but also to consider the shape, touch, and movement by selecting the appropriate implant according to the patient's body shape and physical condition. For more highly satisfied results, it is recommended to select the hospital with safety system and follow-up system

By Dr. Lee Sun-Goo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Gangnam


Source - http://www.kidd.co.kr/news/214710




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