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Revision surgery, the surgeon that performs it must be one who has extensive experience with revision rhinoplasty


(Seoul=International News) MinJae Kim Reporter 

There are many people who are considering improving their appearance with rhinoplasty due to a change of perception regarding plastic surgery. However, as rhinoplasty becomes more common, the side effects rapidly increase as well.  

The nose is located in the center of the face and, because small changes in this area can bring about large changes in appearance, sufficient consultation is required. Many people look for revision rhinoplasty due to cosmetic reasons such as unsatisfactory or awkward shape or functional problems like nasal congestion and rhinitis.

For revision rhinoplasty, it is desirable to do the surgery 6 months to 1 year after the initial surgery, when the damaged skin and tissue are stable and after the recovery period. Also, if the nose becomes inflamed, with symptoms such as reddish skin, or the tip becomes elevated due to contracture, it is only safe to perform the surgery after removing the implants and the inflammation has disappeared. 

Dr. Kang from Wojin hospital said, "It is advised that patients receive surgery from a surgeon who has extensive clinical experience because the level of skill required for revision surgery is higher than that of the initial rhinoplasty. It is important to make sure that a safe operation is possible through a more accurate analysis. Also, it's necessary to check if the clinic can work with the otolaryngologist to resolve the functional problems that are present in some cases. All of these factors can lead to high satisfaction with revision surgery."

Help: Dr. Moonseok Kang
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