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[Health column] Open and Clear Impression 'canthoplasty'… facial feature harmony is the key.



According to Dr.Park, "Canthoplasty can lead to unnatural eye shape when the only emphasis is making the eyes big. So, it is recommended to first determine if the patient's eye shape is suitable for canthoplasty by considering their features in consultation with a specialist who is able to provide customized eye surgery."

Compared with other surgeries, eye surgery provides high levels of satisfaction to patients because it is expected to improve appearance with only a small change and fast recovery time. Recently, there have been many patients who visit hospitals who desire to improve their appearance by making their eyes more open and clearer while making them bigger.

Asian eye shape tends to favor narrow width and small size, especially the Mongolian fold, the small section on the inner corner of the eyes, which can make a person's appearance stuffy and fierce. However, it is possible to create an open and clear image by making a change to the length and width of the eyes. 

This surgery is called canthoplasty. Canthoplasty is divided by the direction of the canthal ligments. It is important to identify the method according to each individual's eye condition by removing part of the conjunctiva since epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, or hotz canthoplasty can be performed.

Epicanthoplasty removes the fundamental cause of the Mongolian fold, which can control the gap between the eyes. And if the front angle of the eyes is sharp, epicanthoplasty can help achieve a softer look. Lateral canthoplasty is an operation that involves cutting the outer corner of the eyes to enlarge the width. It is a surgical method that can make long and clear eyes by changing the angle of the eyes.

However, one must consider the condition of the eyes when contemplating canthoplasty because unnatural and awkward eye shape may result if the only priority is making the eyes larger. It is very beneficial to carefully create a plan in consultation with a specialist who is able to perform the required surgery.



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