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[Article] Face contouring surgery help to improve your facial line, what are the precautions?

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Uneven and angular bone structure can make your face look wider and bigger and give off a strong impression as well. On the other hand, a smooth and small face is proportionally balanced and also makes the body look proportional, which gives a soft impression. As such, face contouring surgery is in the spotlight. 

Facial contour surgery is an operation that helps to remove angular or protruding facial bones to create a smooth and even face shape. This facial contour surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures depending on the surgical method and the amount of change. The types available are cheekbone reduction, square jaw surgery, chin surgery.

Cheekbone reduction is a surgery that creates a smaller face area by cutting the side cheekbones while maintaining the volume of the front cheekbone. For square jaw surgery, the bone below the ear to the chin is shaved, which can prevent the creation of unexpected angle, it helps to create a smooth and natural profile. Lastly, those with a short chin can have chin advancement surgery that moves the jaw forward or inserts implants to increase the length. T osteotomy is a method to help those who have a wide or round chin by cutting the chin bone in a T-shape and connecting the side pieces back together.

Safety is paramount since this facial contour surgery deals with facial bones. It is also advised to verify a surgeons' clinical experience and know-how, the safety systems of the hospital, and the post-operative care system.

In addition, sufficient consultation should be conducted through 3D-CT prior to surgery. And, rather than simply making a patient's face small and sharp, each individual's skin thickness, bones, nerves and muscles need to be considered, and the patient's purpose and needs should be accurately understood. In order to proceed safely and ensure satisfaction, a systematic surgery plan should be created in consideration of the facial image and harmony of the facial features.

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