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[Article] What are the precautions of Elasticum lifting?

Dr. Kang Moon Seok, CEO of Wonjin Plastic Surgery


Beauty trend changes every era, but humans have always put importance on skin. Many people considered elasticity and wrinkle problems as those of middle age people, but nowadays, it is also concerning the 20s and 30s and many of them seek for lifting procedures. 

Among many lifting procedures, thread lift is one the most representative way to improve wrinkles and elasticity of droopy face. 


Elasticum lifting is gaining its popularity nowadays. It uses a band made with a special material which is very similar to human tissues and has a characteristic of high elasticity and stable tissue connection. Also, it has less feeling of foreign substance, making it a lot easier to smile and talk with very natural outcome and lasts 3~5 years longer compared to existing thread lifts, it lasts 3~5 years longer.


Elasticum lifting is a non-incisional procedure which is very effective in uplifting sagging cheeks, neck wrinkles, double chin and other droopy body areas such as buttocks and thighs. But since skin thickness and the severity of sagginess differs depending on each individual, it is important to define the cause and plan the appropriate method. 


 Also, one must have an accurate consultation with an approved plastic surgeon in order to prevent side effects with dramatic outcome.


Helped by : Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery 


Reference: http://ujnews.co.kr/news/newsview.php?ncode=1065592017565491


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