Breast surgery, important to choose the right implant for your body


Breast, one of the biggest concerns of women, is an important factor that can emphasize feminine beauty, so the interest in breast surgery continues to trend.

Let’s take a closer look on the interview with CEO Wonjin Park, a representative surgeon of hospital, about ‘breast fat graft and implant, which one is good’, ‘implantable to the desired breast area’, ‘limit of fat grafting’ and ‘breast augmentation, how big can it be’.

-Q: which is better, breast fat graft or implant?


-A: For breast augmentation, either adding fat or inserting implant is possible to enlarge the breast, but no matter how much fat put in, it is hard to see the effect of fat graft as much as of implant. If you want breast augmentation to noticeably change the size of breast, implant is recommended. If you have a purpose that only fills a little bit, fat graft is recommended.


Q: Is the desired breast area possible to be grafted?

-A: It has the advantage of being able to be grafted according to the shape of the breast as it can be transplanted into the desired area such as the upper chest, inner or outer parts. 

-Q: The limits of breast fat graft?


-A: It is effective to inject autologous fat for people who want to change their breast shape. For example, if you want to enlarge your breast from size A to D, fat graft is not enough for considerable augmentation.

-Q: Lastly, how big it can be?

-A: A large size is possible as long as your skin and muscle are elastic to extend. There are some cases that people want to extremely enlarge their breasts compared to their body, but if the skin and muscles are stretched well, more than D cup is possible. However, if you are too tiny or your skin is too tight to extend, it is hard to recommend the large implant because of discomfort.

As such, breast augmentation should be done for the individual. In the case of fat graft, the amount of fat that can be engrafted at time is limited, and the implants also have possibility of side effects such as capsular contracture. Therefore, breast surgery should be planned carefully with an experienced surgeon who has a good understanding of fat graft and breast surgery and plenty of experience in this field at hospital where systematic system is well established for the satisfactory results.

Reference: https://kizmom.hankyung.com/news/view.html?aid=201903158921o

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