Make the Ideal Plan for Your Ptosis Correction



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(Seoul=Gukje News) Editor Kim Min-Jae = The eyes are important parts that determine the image of a person, and the overall impression or mood. For this reason, many people are considering to get the eye surgery to improve their fundamental appearances and change their impressions.


There are so many different reasons to get the eye surgery but especially if you have a ptosis, a droopy eyelid, you might leave a bad impression since it may look sleepy or unclear from not open properly.

Ptosis refers to a condition in which the eye opening muscles are weak and sagging down the upper eyelid which covers the pupils. Since you can't open your eyes naturally without using your forehead or forehead muscles, you may experience aesthetic and functional problems, such as wrinkling on your forehead, blinding your eyelids, causing poor vision.


Luckily, it can be improved through ptosis correction. This correction is not just double eyelid surgery but it corrects and controls the eye opening muscles to increase the exposure of the eyes which makes a clearer and brighter eyes. Ptosis correction surgery is divided into two methods - incision and non-incision, and it is important to choose a suitable surgical method according to your eye condition.


Recently, non-incision way of ptosis correction has been popular. Non-incisional eye correction has the advantage that the surgery is performed inside the eyelid, so there is no scar and less swelling. The recovery is faster, and re-correction is possible after surgery, which reduces the burden on the operation.


It is desirable to check the patient's eye condition before surgery because when the eyelids are too thick or the ptosis is severe, surgery must be performed through incision correction.


Dr. Park Jang-Woo said, “Each patient’s skin thickness, muscle level, and the amount of fat in eyelid need to consider thoroughly with experienced specialist doctor to avoiding overcorrection and getting the natural results”.




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