[Health Tip] Personalize Your Eye Surgery


Eye plastic surgery is a surgery that changes the shape of the eye by correcting the size or proportion of the eye, sagging, and the thickness of the eyelid. Compared to other plastic surgery, the recovery time or cost is less burdensome, but the image can be expected to be improved even with small changes.


However, it is highly likely that it will lead to reoperation due to unnatural look, uneven eye shapes, or very thick double eye lid with incision scar; if you choose a hospital hastily due to the cheaper surgery cost. Therefore, when performing eye surgery, it is necessary to select an appropriate eye surgery suitable for the individual's condition to obtain natural results.


In general, double eyelid surgery can create a double eyelid line on the flat eyelid which can bring more refined look. When you get the cantoplasty together for it increases the width of the eye, it can be even more improved with a bigger looking eye. If you have ptosis or drowsy looking eyes, you can change to a clearer and brighter look by performing ptosis correction to strengthen the muscles that open your eyes.


Therefore it is important to make a plan with experienced doctor since the surgery varies depending on the eye length, shape, ptosis, and amount of eyelids fat.


Eye plastic surgery is not just changing the shape of the eye by making lines on the eyes, but focusing on creating natural and harmonious eyes with the face considering the thickness of the individual eyelids, the length of the eyes, and the symmetry of both eyes. 




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