Breast Sugery, breast implant insertion and fat grafting together gives you more volume and glamorous body line.


As women’s interests on self-management and look increase, they not only look for facial plastic surgeries, but also surgeries that could improve their body shape. Their standard of a beautiful body is slim yet glamorous than just being skinny and this is leading them to breast augmentation surgery.

According to Dr. Son Yu Ri from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital, “When we first imagine breast augmentation, we first think about augmentation using implants. Breast augmentation using implants is a way to quickly and permanently enlarge and change the shape of small breasts.”

However, size enlargement alone does not always result to a satisfactory outcome. What’s important is to create natural shape, movement and texture like those of real breasts that harmonizes well with the overall body feature which the person originally has.


Recently, fat graft and implant augmentation is often performed together in order to achieve natural shape and texture. 


Dr. Son Yu Ri further explains that “Breast fat grafting is a surgical procedure which extracts fats from unwanted body areas such as the abdomen or thighs and engraft it to breast areas that needs volume. As an autologous material, it does not feel unnatural and has a texture and shape like real breasts and therefore, is recommended to those who have funnel chests or thin skin that lead to silicone projection. Also, unwanted fats on body areas can improve the body line as well.” 


As mentioned above, volume and ideal ratio that suit each individual’s body shape must be considered beforehand, and the surgery must be planned by a doctor who has abundant experience and know-hows on breast surgery. 



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