Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC)

  • CPC is strongly recommended for those who

    • Got stretch marks from a sudden weight or height increase, or delivery
    • Are stressed from visible scars
    • Need areola reconstruction due to an injury or cancer treatment
    • Wants to improve partial hair loss in a less invasive method

“Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC) procedures are similar to PCM’s, but its main purpose is to hide scar, cover hair loss, treat skin problem like leukoplakia stretch marks and reconstruct areola.

For baldness, each strand of hair is drawn naturally to fill in the hair loss area.
It also hides leukoplakia, stretch marks, and scar that are noticeable due to the difference in color from the regular skin tone by adjusting the pigment to make it less visible.

Areolar reconstruction is for those who had breast-related surgeries and want a pigment correction. For the most natural look, the areola area is designed with specialized three dimensional line and color, bringing high satisfaction to the patients.

Medical permanent should be done by formally trained medical staff to prevent infection, side effects in an clean and sanitary environment. Also an accurate diagnosis must be made for an appropriate surgical method.

The Advantages of CPC

  • Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC)

    • Less painful than laser treatment
    • Immediate result and return to daily activities
    • Appropriate on those who are reluctant to surgeries


  • Beforeemoticon


    • If there is a scar present at the surgical site, then the scar must be fully healed before receiving the procedure.
    • Contact lenses must be removed before the procedure depending on the surgical site.
    • An allergy test is necessary for sensitive, keloid skin types or atopic skin types.
    • The patient must notify the hospital of any current drug use or diseases, and the procedure will take place after the
      medical staff performs a check-up
  • Afteremoticon


    • Do not touch the wound or forcefully remove when there is exfoliation.
    • Facial washing and taking a shower are possible on the same day but do not rub surgical area.
    • There may be bleeding or swelling for 2~3 days on average after the procedure and may last up to a week.
    • The line may appear dark and thick right after the procedure but after the surgical area is cast off, the width and
      length will reduce to normal size.
    • Avoid hard exercise, visiting the sauna, swimming, and eye make-up until the surgical area is cast off.
    • Avoid drinking for 3~4 days because it may cause infections/inflammations