Dark Circle

Dark Circle

What is Dark Circle?

Dark circle is under eye darkening symptom due to combined reasons.
The cause of dark circle can be various including genetic reason,
irregular life cycle, cleansing problem, and/or fatigue.
It may make you look always tired and old looking facial impression.

  • Genetic

  • Irregular

  • Dull & Tired

Types & Treatment Methods of Dark Circle

  • Fat under eye 01

    Fat under eye

    This is dark circle made by under eye
    fat protrusion or sunken under eye.
    The shadow makes the dark circle more
    prominent and uneven. In this case, under eye
    fat correction surgery such as removal or
    repositioning may improve the symptom.

  • Pigmentation 02


    Dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation is
    the result of excessive melanin production or
    dermatitis, which causes skin darkening.
    It is advisable to take treatment as laser or
    injection treatment constantly.

  • Blood vessel 03

    Blood vessel

    Dark circles can be caused by having visible
    blood vessels on the under eye skin.
    Blood vessel tightening laser and Panda injection
    are most commonly used to treat
    this kind of dark circles.

Dark Circle

What is Panda Injection?

Panda Injection is an effective treatment for dark circles caused
by blood vessels. Various ingredients including natural extracts
constrict extended blood vessels under eyes to alleviate darkening.
This treatment will get you to achieve youthful appearance along with
reduced fine lines.

  • Quick & Effective

  • Brightens dark

  • Youthful

Effectiveness of the Treatment

  • Fresh

  • Improves
    Dark Circle & Fine

  • Less scar and