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Medinent (Medical + Permanent)

  • Medinent (Medical + Permanent)

Medinent is a professional clinic that helps patients by performing both semi-Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up (PCM)
and Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC) for an aesthetic resolution.

Medinent's Special System

  • A trendy design is perfectly done by an authorized artist

    A trendy design is perfectly done by an authorized artist

    Designers who obtained a global educational license consider the overall look of the face, contour, make-up, preferences and trend to come up with customized design. So, the patient will be highly satisfied and be able to feel the positive changes in their appearance.

    • Professional design by globally renowned designers with license
    • Upgraded look through customized design
    • High satisfaction through consideration of personalized taste and trend
  • Convenient Procedure without Pain, Bleeding, or Stimulation

    Convenient Procedure without Pain, Bleeding, or Stimulation

    Micro make-up uses a professional digital device to consistently insert pigments into the outer layer of the skin that avoids discoloration from bleeding, stimulating, damaging skin, and scarring. The device smoothly vibrates on your skin without irritating.

    • Minimizing skin damage or scarring
    • No clotting of pigment
    • Convenient procedure with smooth vibration
  • Professional diagnosis and procedures by professional  specialist

    Professional diagnosis and procedures by professional specialist

    Semi-permanent makeup is a medical procedure that must be enacted by a medical staff since it deals with needles and pigments. Our Medinent’s specialists perform successful procedures in accordance with individual skin diagnosis. In case of revision treatment, pigment removals are simply executed with high tech lasers.

    • Professional and accurate procedures
    • Customized procedures available based on individual skin condition
    • Pigment removal with high tech lasers
  • A thorough and flawless sanitary system

    A thorough and flawless sanitary system

    Since the pigment is directly injected into the skin, high rate of infection occurrence is expected when a contaminated device is used. Medinent uses an exclusive sterilizer disposable sterilized needles and gloves to prevent and minimize any possible ways of infection.

    • All procedural machines are sterilized before use
    • Use of sterilized disposable needles
    • Medical staff wears disposable gloves in every procedure
  • Safe Natural Pigments

    Safe Natural Pigments

    Medinent uses the natural pigments accredited by TUV Germany and EU. The natural pigments also have been used to help patients with scar from cancer, burn, and leukoplakia. It is kept in a safe sterile case for health and also to prevent from discoloration.

    • TUV and EU accreditation
    • No discoloration since the pigments are extracted from natural plant
    • Safe from infection since it is kept in a sterile case
  • Regular educational meetings for our medical staff

    Regular educational meetings for our medical staff

    Through regular educational meetings, our medical staffs consistently learn advanced skills, study correct procedures, and research on safety systems. Medinent considers semi-Permanent Cosmetic Makeup and Corrective Pigment Camouflage as an aesthetic resolution.

    • Education for classified purposes; beauty and symptom alleviation
    • Stimulate our staff to pursue and study its trend
    • Regular staff training


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    • If there is a scar present at the surgical site, then the scar must be fully healed before receiving the procedure.
    • Contact lenses must be removed before the procedure depending on the surgical site.
    • An allergy test is necessary for sensitive, keloid skin types or atopic skin types.
    • The patient must notify the hospital of any current drug use or diseases, and the procedure will take place after
      the medical staff performs a check-up
  • Afteremoticon


    • Do not touch the wound or forcefully remove when there is exfoliation.
    • Facial washing and taking a shower are possible on the same day but do not rub surgical area.
    • There may be bleeding or swelling for 2~3 days on average after the procedure and may last up to a week.
    • The line may appear dark and thick right after the procedure but after the surgical area is cast off, the width
      and length will reduce to normal size.
    • Avoid hard exercise, visiting the sauna, swimming, and eye make-up until the surgical area is cast off.
    • Avoid drinking for 3~4 days because it may cause infections/inflammations

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