What is W-ell?

Human Body is consisted of at least of 200 types and 60 trillion cytos.
Most cytos are being used in its own tissue such as bone structure, nerve, and muscle but there are special cytos that
can differentiate into different tissue, and these are W-ells.

Our W-ell treatment system includes collecting your own blood cytos and then separate, enrich, and amplify them.
This process takes 15 minutes and then the improved blood is used.
This leads to the best possible W-ells to be used and thus a faster recovery timeframe.

  • Improve

  • Improve

  • Skin

  • Improve
    Skin Tone

  • Pore

Differentiation of W-ell

Treatment Process

W-ell Anti aging treatment takes the broken down cytos due to aging and replaces them with new regenerative cytos.
When we are younger, cyto regeneration occurs naturally and often leading to taut and wrinkle free skin.
However, as we age this cyto creation process slows down causing unavoidable skin aging.

  • Blood Extract 01

    Blood Extract

  • Separation of W-ell 02

    Separation of W-ell

  • W-ell Extract 03

    W-ell Extract