Labia Minora Surgery

Labia Minora Surgery Information

  • Surgery duration
    Surgery duration

    Less than 1 hour

  • Stitch Removal
    Stitch Removal


  • Hospitalization


  • Incision site
    Recommended Staying
    Period in Korea

    5 days

  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea
    Incision site


  • Anesthesia

    Local/Sedative Anesthesia

What is Labia Minora Surgery?

This is a procedure which can improve to have normal daily activities when they have problem or deformation of labia minora.
If you are doing this surgery with other gynoplasty, the satisfaction of result is higher.

  • Fast

  • Satisfaction
    of result
    is higher

  • Both functional
    and esthetic

Ideal formation of Vagina

An ideal labia minora has an even shape and size, and should be covered by the labia majora.
If the labia minora is extremely uneven or unusually large and saggy, it is recommended to correct it for hygiene

  • Ideal Labia MinoraIdeal Labia Minora

    Ideal Labia Minora

  • Various types of Labia MinoraVarious types of Labia Minora

    Various types of Labia Minora

Effects of Labia Minora Surgery

  • Improvement
    in Appearance

  • Functional

  • Increase the

  • Prevent Female

Other surgery recommended
with Labia Minora Surgery

  • Clitoris

    If the labia minora is large or
    saggy, the clitoris may be covered
    by the skin so that there is
    less sexual sensation.
    This procedure exposes the
    clitoris accordingly.

  • Removal of
    around Clitoris

    In the case of an itchy or an
    unhygienic clitoris, the wrinkle
    around the clitoris is removed
    and made into a clean shape so
    that it is aesthetically and
    functionally pleasing.

  • Labia Majora
    Fat Grafting

    This procedure is for skinny
    women or for those who lost
    an excess amount of weight
    and there is less fat on the labia
    majora, which may look and
    feel uncomfortable during intercourse.
    In such case, correct the shape and size of
    the labia majora through a safe fat grafting
    to create a natural volume.

  • Pubic Hair

    If you are stressed due to atrichia
    pubis, there are various ways to
    naturally form pubic hair
    in different directions, height,
    and formation. If there is too
    much hair, laser can be used to
    reduce it.