Clitoral Surgery

Clitoral Surgery Information

  • Surgery duration
    Surgery duration

    20 ~ 30 mins.

  • Stitch Removal
    Stitch Removal


  • Hospitalization


  • Incision site
    Recommended Staying
    Period in Korea

    5 days

  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea
    Incision site


  • Anesthesia

    Local/Sedative Anesthesia

What is Clitoral Surgery?

Similar in shape to a man’s penis, the clitoris is covered in a clitoral hood.
The size may be small but it plays a big part in a woman’s sexual experience.
For those who have excessive foreskin, it can interfere with stimulation and decrease the sexual pleasure.
Also, secretions can get stuck and cause odor or irritation to occur.
The surgical method involves incising or pulling the clitoral epidermis to provide a functional, healthy, and sanitary clitoris.

  • Fast

  • Satisfaction
    of result
    is higher

  • Both functional
    and esthetic

Normal clitoris shape

The clitoris is a small area located within the female genitalia and is usually covered with a hood.
When a woman is sexually excited, the clitoris becomes exposed outside of the clitoral hood.

Not only can a changed or excessive clitoral hood decrease sexual stimulation, but it can also cause a complex about the appearance.
Therefore, for both function and aesthetics the balance between clitoris and hood is very important.

  • Ideal Labia Minora

Effects of Clitoral Surgery

  • Improvement
    in Appearance

  • Improve sexual

  • Increase the

  • Sanitary

Why Wonjin’s Clitoral Surgery?

Excellent results with just one surgery!
Not only the outside shape but the muscles and soft tissues inside are
delicately improved. Great results with just one surgery.

Less tissue damage leads to a quick recovery!
With high-tech lasers, there is less bleeding, swelling, or tissue
damage which your recover is quick.

Going beyond functional and aesthetic improvements to increase satisfaction!
Both functional and aesthetic improvements can help
women increase their confidence.