[Medical Informations Exchange]Academic Exchange Conference With Dr. Johan Nordquist & Motiva Representatives Hosted At Wonjin



On the 21st of October, we were hosts to Dr. Johan Nordquist (Dr Johan) and representative members from the world's most premium breast implant company, MOTIVA, for an academic exchange at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Johan, a world-distinguished mammoplasty surgeon and MOTIVA's representatives gave us a truly diverse insight about their clinical experiences, and nourished us with information on different mammoplasty methods across the world, which, to us, was an extremely valuable chance to enrich our intuition.




Since 2010, Motiva Ergonomix has been the most popular choice of breast implants across 60 different countries, as the properties of the silicon allows for the most balanced and natural anatomical movements, such that the apex of the implant flattens whilst lying down and maintains its teardrop form in an upright position. Unlike many preceding breast implants, Motiva has answered to many women's concerns, and thus the risk of capsular contracture diminished to 0.005%, and only requires minimal incisions, a fantastic news for women with concerns for scars.


Motiva Ergonomix, a product that savored all the positives and eradicated the negative aspects of preceding implants, is only distributed to surgeons with exceptional clinical experience in mammoplasty in Korea! We are proud to present to you the world's top 1% premium Motiva Ergonomix implants, available now at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

“С помощью лучших навыков и эстетических технологий,
Клиника пластической хирургии Вонджин позаботится о
Вашем будущем.”