[Column] Troublesome Rhinitis could be improved by ‘Functional Rhinoplasty’


Recently, Mr. Kim(29), an office worker, suffers from rhinitis symptoms such as nasal congestion and runny nose due to severe weather changes and feels discomfort every day. It is easy to think of the cause of nasal congestion as temporary symptoms or simple rhinitis. If the symptoms do not improve by taking cold medicine, it is likely to be rhinitis. I visited plastic surgery for having consultation after I learned functional rhinoplasty that can improve both functional and aesthetic parts.

Among rhinitis symptoms, there are chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, and hypertrophic rhinitis. These diseases are accessible by non-surgical medication treatment, but since the structure of the nose itself is changed to deviated nasal septum, the possibility of recurrence is high. Therefore, surgical treatment is needed to correct the transformation structure of nose for effective treatment.

For rhinitis functional rhinoplasty, it is essential to have an accurate check-up to see if there are any symptoms accompanied by rhinitis. When diagnosed with rhinitis caused by deviated nasal septum, precisely determine the degree of nasal septum and hypertrophy of the interior nasal concha to correct the center of the nose by cutting off the curved bone or cartilage.

When the nasal valve is narrowed because the valve acts as a flow air regulator, deviatomy(correction of septum deviation) is less effective. Therefore, nasal valve reconstruction should be performed with cartilage implantation to expand nasal valves. 


The nose is an important part because it is located in the center of the face to create a three-dimensional appearance. As a result, many people worry about side effects or recurrence possibility even if they want to perform functional rhinoplasty. In order to minimize the possibility of side effects or recurrences, the operation should be performed by a highly skilled specialist surgeon who has plenty of experience in the functional rhinoplasty and a good understanding of the structure of the nose because of the harmony in entire face.    


Reference: medicalrport.kr/news/view/68486 


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