Functional & Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Recently, with the cold and dry weather, many people complain of inconvenience in daily life due to nasal congestion. They left the problem as it is because they believe they will naturally heal over time. 


However, experts recommend determining the cause through accurate diagnosis if symptoms don’t improve over time because it may be due to a structural problem in the nose. 



Typically, nasal diseases include deviated nasal septum, rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and nasal valve stenosis. The deviated nasal septum refers to a disease that causes functional problems such as nasal congestion because septum cartilage, a pillar to hold the center in nose, is bent to one side. If not treated in a timely manner, it can lead to rhinitis and chronic sinusitis, and surgery is the only way to correct the deviated nasal septum.


The rhinitis causes the symptoms such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, and itching and is the inflammatory disease that occurred in the mucous membranes covering the nasal cavity, a space of the nose.    

Chronic sinusitis refers to a severe condition in which the inflammation and secretions that occur when the ventilation and excretion are accumulated due to blocking paranasal cavity in the empty space in the facial bones around the nose.




The nasal valve stenosis is a surgery to widen the narrowed nasal valve, an anatomical approach to resolving the fundamental nasal congestion. Since the nasal valve is the key part of regulating breathing, the more narrowed nasal valve, the more the feeling of stuffiness and nasal congestion.

Functional rhinoplasty has recently attracted attention due to the characteristics that the nose diseases from nose structural problem and cosmetic aspects can be improved simultaneously. This is also related to the tendency that more people are considering rhinoplasty to improve their image as their perception of plastic surgery changes positively.

According to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, functional rhinoplasty is the method of rhinoplasty that takes into account patient’s characteristics to correct the structural problems of the nose and cosmetic improvement simultaneously.

The medical surgeron from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group explained that “functional rhinoplasty is a surgery that needs to improve not only the shape of the nose but also the structure and function of the nose. Therefore, surgery is necessary to have close connection between specialists from ENT and plastic surgery. Moreover, the surgery should be different individually depending on the condition of the nose, and it is advisable to proceed with the surgery after considering both the shape of the nose and internal structural problems.”



Lastly, side effects such as inflammation, bleeding, and nerve damage may occur after rhinoplasty and it is different for each individual. 


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