Male eye surgery, increasing attention due to clear eye improvement



As the perspective on plastic surgery is gradually changing, men, as well as women, are taking more proactive actions through plastic surgery to improve complex areas across all ages.


The plastic surgery that men usually choose is ‘eye surgery’ and ‘rhinoplasty’. The eye is the most dedicate and expressive part of the face and plays the most important role in the first impression. Therefore, eye surgery, which can improve impressions with only minor improvements, has become the most preferred and representative plastic surgery.


Dr. Park from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group said that “Design for men’s eyes must be different from women’s eyes. While female eye surgery should consider various types of eyes for individual, such as natural or gorgeous eyes, male eye surgery requires different approach because men have different aesthetic standards or preferences. Male eye surgery is not general eye surgery, but it is a more careful and difficult operation because it provides natural and change of image improvement considering the whole face image.”

Moreover, he mentioned that “Normally, men’s eyes are operated with thin and unnoticeable lines for naturalness, but the height of eyelids and lines of eyelids should be proceeding differently to fit their faces, just as each person’s appearance is different.”

Male eye surgery should take into account relatively thicker skin, quantity of fat, and the degree of blephamptosis than women. Men prefer natural, balanced, and unnoticeable eyes such as inner double eyelid, no double eyelid.


Dr. Park again said that “Men have limited access for makeup compared to women, so if scars remain, it is difficult to cover them, so be careful of scars after the surgery. Therefore, systematic follow-up management should be performed with the correct surgical method according to the individual eye condition while minimizing the scars.” Moreover, he advised that “For satisfactory surgery outcomes, the patients should plan carefully and precisely with a surgeon who has abundant experience and understanding of the eye and conducts delicate surgery. It is also recommended choosing a hospital that has a safety system in place to minimize the side effects.”


“С помощью лучших навыков и эстетических технологий,
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