When it comes to facial contour surgeries, verifying the surgeon’s expertise is advised for square jaw reduction.


[Korea lunch news= Na woon Kim reporter] Nowadays, a slim and small face shape has become a point of envy regardless of gender. This has placed square jaw reduction surgery into the limelight. This is because when a facial line is smoother and slimmer, and any angled areas are eliminated, it provides a neat and sophisticated impression and allows the face to stand out in a more three-dimensional manner.

 Square jaw refers to a lower jaw that has the shape of an angled square due to over development. If the lower jaw area has excessive fat or it is simply that the muscles are overdeveloped, it can be improved through botox or fat melting injection. However, if the square jaw is congenital or the bone structure is the source of the problem, square jaw reduction, which requires cutting of the bone, is a good solution.

Dr. Jong Chul Park said, “Square jaw reduction is recommended if you want to reduce the size of the square jaw, make the chin shorter, make the front and side facial photos slimmer, or improve wide and big facial line and its goal is to create a smooth and small face shape through cutting the bone located right below the ear to the chin in accordance with the preferred ratio. 

However, it is considered a rather difficult surgery, so it is important to analyze each patient’s condition, such as bone shape and location of nerves, in detail through proper medical examination.

Dr. Jong Chul Park said, “When choosing a hospital, it is better to select a place with a safe surgical environment by carefully verifying the hospital's precision examination center and safety system rather than simply comparing the cost of square jaw reduction. It is also desirable to conduct a customized surgical plan with doctor who has extensive anatomical knowledge and clinical experience that considers the overall proportions of the face rather than simply reducing the jaw line.”

Source- http://www.fsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=3705

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