Breast Surgery, Post-Operation is More Important

Recently, with a lot of skin exposure during summer, the trend is not just enlarging the size of the breasts, but finding a figure suitable for a bikini and a revealing shirt. According to Dr. Wonjin Park of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, “in the past, there were a lot of women that visited the clinic
to get breast augmentation for the summer holidays, but recently, there was an increase in inquiries about tear drop breasts and the shape of the breasts compared to last year.”

Compared to the past, as the societal and economical level of women is rising, women showing off their assets are a sign of confidence, and breast surgery is rising in popularity. These days, low cut shirts are popular, and rather than large sized breasts, people want natural looking breasts that also have natural movements. 

The surgery for breast enlargement surgery is important, but diagnosis before the surgery and a systematic treatment is needed for safe and
satisfying surgical results. For women who are considering surgery, here are some explanations about some rumors regarding breast surgery with Dr. Wonjin Park of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. 

Q. Do Breast Augmentation before Giving Birth? 
- Breast augmentation can be received at almost any time. Before giving birth, make a plan so that there are no problems with breastfeeding.
After giving birth, the breast area may be painful and turn red, and this could be caused by an infection. In this case, stop breastfeeding,
take antibiotics, and it will disappear. Be aware that this can happen to regular people and it is not exclusive to the surgery.
The mammary tissue expands during pregnancy, and after breastfeeding, the tissue shrinks back, losing its elasticity.
Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift are recommended to correct this and both can be done together. 

Q. Can’t Breast Feed After Breast Augmentation? 
- The availability to breast feed depends on the incision site. Breast feeding is available if the incision site is on the armpitthe areola.
In the past, the method of incising the nipple was used, but this can damage the mammary duct, causing a disability for breastfeeding.
Breast feeding is possible after placing implants under mammary glandmuscle tissue.

Q. Can’t Test for Breast Cancer After Breast Augmentation?
- When breast augmentation was first introduced into the Korean market, it was thought that first stage breast cancer may be overlooked during
diagnosis after surgery. But there is no correlation between breast enlargement and breast cancer.
The implants used are placed under the muscle, the mammary tissue, and this rumor about overlooking the cancer that arises in the tissue is false.
If you are still worried, receive breast cancer examination before surgery and also 3, 6, 12 months after the surgery to compare the before
and after results. 

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Клиника пластической хирургии Вонджин позаботится о
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