'The Masked Woman' can now show her face. She overcame the side effect

After appearing on air, the focus of attention 
On the 4th, the ‘Masked Woman’ who appeared on tvN Martian X files, became the focus of attention again. The clip that was aired on June 18th was shown again. 

Ms. Yang, who had illegal plastic surgery procedures visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group on April 3rd, to treat her damaged face and teeth that
were dissolved from taking diuretics for dieting. 

According to Wonjin Dental Clinic at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, there were inquiries about her current status after the show was aired,
and one lady in her 40s said she wanted to make a donation for Ms. Yang’s recovery. A man in his 30s also stated that he wanted to assist her
with vehicle service. 

Dr. Youngjun Kim of Wonjin Dental Clinic says, “After the first show was aired, we received a lot of encouraging words and favors from acquaintances and patients. We are trying our best to treat Ms. Yang as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Kim says, “There will be a lot of obstacles, but with her determination, we believe we will recover about 70% of a healthy set of teeth.” 

Dr. Wonjin Park of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group says, “Ms. Yang first inputted illegal industrial silicone in her eyes, nose, and her face, with an unknown form of collagen and filler, and was experiencing side effects such as facial asymmetry, which was very hard to correct.” 

However, with encouragements and interest from many people, the medical staff of Wonjin actively stepped in to help Ms. Yang Hye Ran,
and work to achieve a successful reconstruction surgery.

Meanwhile, Wonjin Dental Clinic of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, is currently supporting a foundation established on May 29th by basketball player Han Kibum. The foundation is for heart disease patients and multiple culture families and junior basketball players. They are also funding the ‘2012 Hope Basketball All Star Play Offs’ along with other community services.

“С помощью лучших навыков и эстетических технологий,
Клиника пластической хирургии Вонджин позаботится о
Вашем будущем.”