'Medical K-Wave' Foreign Patients Visit…Attracted


Bilgun Bachaihan (1) born in a tent in Mongolia, received brain tumor surgery at a local hospital, but it did not get better. Another surgery was
needed, but it was impossible to get in Mongolia. However, with the introduction of Mongolian National Cancer Center, a visit to Korea last month
for surgery at Samsung Seoul Hospital was possible on the 7th, and he is waiting for departure by the end of this month. 

Due to a car accident, Jiangwiewen (22) had a curved nose, but regained her smile at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group in Korea. Jiangwiewen,
who had an inferiority complex along with people phobia, decided to receive nose surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, known for its skilled
nose surgeries. Sadika Abdul Lahman from Abu Dhabi, who suffered from spinal disease and diabetes, received surgery at Seoul National Hospital on the 8th with Abu Dhabi’s Ministry of Health’s request, after arriving in Korea on the 5th, and is waiting for departure on the 22nd. 

Recently with K-pop, the “Medical K-Wave” is spreading quickly. Last year, 120,000 foreign patients received treatment in Korea and it was found
that they spent 1.8 trillion KRW. 

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, from the analyzed material in 1383 out of the 2091 registered medical institutions, it was
announced on the 16th that there were 122,297 patients, a number well over 110,000 people, the government’s goal. It had increased 49.5%
from 2010 (81,789 people).

Last year, the total treatment fee was 1.809 trillion KRW, an increase of 75% from the year before. The average cost per patient was 1.49 million KRW, 1.01 million KRW higher than the average Korean. There were 27 people (last year 21 people) who spent more than 100 million KRW,
and 5011 people (last year 1732 people) who spent 10 million KRW.

If we take a look at foreign patients by country, the most came from the US(27.0%), Japan(22.1%), China(18.9%), Russia(9.5%),
Mongolia(3.2%) in order. The treatment is as follows Internal Medicine(15.3%), DermatologyㆍCosmetic Surgery(12.7%), Family Medicine(8.7%), Exam Center(8.3%) in order. In 2010, DermatologyㆍCosmetic Surgery had the most treatments in just 1 year, but the 1st place went to
Internal Medicine.


“С помощью лучших навыков и эстетических технологий,
Клиника пластической хирургии Вонджин позаботится о
Вашем будущем.”