Under eye bag correction with lower blepharoplasty… tired impression->bright looking image


Dr. Jang Woo Park from Wonjin plastic surgery hospital said, “There can be a problem with having dark circles that seem shady due to fat protruding under the eyes. There can also be saggy skin, fine wrinkles, or a lacrimal groove as well. Under eye bag correction with lower blepharoplasty can help to improve under eye issues like these by removing under eye fat and correcting the remaining fat through the inner conjunctiva.  


Since many people dream of a face that looks younger than their age, having a ‘baby face’ is considered a very important part of appearance. However, it is hard to stop the effects of aging since aging is universal. 


One area that can ruin appearance especially easily is the eyes. Since the eye area has less fat and the skin is thin so it is seen very clearly, there are many people who wish to get under eye plastic surgery because they have fine wrinkles, sunken skin, and dark circles to make them look older. 


This is a phenomenon in which the orbital septum surrounding the fat of the eyelid is weakened from various causes and the fat under the eyes protrudes. When the under eye fat pops out, the skin sags and tears and fine wrinkles appear. The dark circles that appear under the eye-shadows also cause problems. 


There is a method to improve this condition by removing the excess under eyes fat and relocating the remaining fat through the inner conjunctiva. They are under eye bag correction and lower blepharoplasty. 


Under eye bag correction with lower blepharoplasty is performed to remove the protruding under eye fat through the inner conjunctiva and relocate the remained fat to the lacrimal groove in order to make the under eye skin flatter by pulling saggy muscle and fixing it to the fascia with sutures in the inner eyes. 


However, since the under eye skin is weak and sensitive, each individual’s symptoms and skin condition need to be properly understood by the surgeon in order to proceed. 


In order to increase post-surgery satisfaction, personalized surgery should be performed in consideration of the aesthetic aspects of each individual and any changes in the basic function and impression of their eyes by a professional medical surgeon who has sufficient experience and know-how about eye surgery. 




Source- http://www.medisobizanews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=6789 






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