Mint Thread lift – Thread lift must be performed after a consultation with an experienced doctor


Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital

[Star Daily News=Journalist Hwang Gyu Joon] Elasticity and wrinkles are some of our skin concerns. It’s because wrinkles and sagging skin is very difficult to recover once it has been progressed. This is why many people are keen to lifting procedures so that they can prevent aging before it starts.



Thread lifts are gaining interest as a procedure which has short recovery time with immediate effect. Medical threads are inserted to uplift sagging and wrinkly skin, making the face line look slender. As a non-incisional procedure, it is very simple and has very short recovery time.

Among various thread lifts, Mint lifting has been official approved by the FDA, as a medical thread for facial tissue fixation. It is an absorbable PDO thread with protruding barbs all around, and such characteristic makes it strong enough to last longer and more powerful than other existing threads.


Mint thread lifts does not involve any scars or long recovery times since is minimally invasive. It enhances collagen production within our skin in order to regain elasticity and improve wrinkles around eyes, cheeks, nasolabial folds, double chin and neck.

However, the number of threads and its direction differs based on each individual’s condition, so it’s important to get a proper diagnosis on skin condition and facial structure from experienced specialist.  Also, before proceeding, it is important to check whether the hospital uses genuine threads with approved safety.



Helped by: Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital



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