Wide forehead can be improved without hair transplant, through forehead reduction

Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital

Wide forehead used to be a sign of good fortune in the past, but many people are visiting plastic surgery hospital to reduce the forehead. Forehead reduction is a surgical procedure which pulls down the scalp to the forehead direction by excision along the hairline, in order to reduce the overall length of the forehead.


Forehead is immediately reduced and the scars along the hairline are not severely visible as the incisions are made in an obliquely on the follicles in order to preserve them.


It depends on each individual’s scalp elasticity, but about 1~3cm is reduced in average. In case of Endotine usage, which is an implant that have acquired FDA and KFDA approval on its safety, the surgery site can be expanded up to 0.3~0.5cm. Endotine has little pain and discomfort, and it is absorbed within the body after 6 months which makes it less prone to infections.


But for a successful forehead reduction, one has to carefully consider the overall facial ratio than just to focus on the amount to be reduced. Therefore, the surgery should be planned with a doctor who has a lot of understanding on the facial structure and has many clinical experiences with forehead reduction surgery.




Helped by: Dr. Kang Moon Seok from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital


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