[Article] Eye revision surgery, Systematic personalized consultation is important.


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In time for the start of the New Year in 2020, many people are making new plans.


Among them, plastic surgery is a way to improve the appearance complex and is becoming more interested with the coming holiday seasons.


The most common type of cosmetic surgery is eye surgery. The eye is an area that can improve image changes and facial impressions, and can be recovered in a relatively short period of time. Various surgeries such as double eyelid surgery and under eye fat repositioning are being popular since its distinct impression improvement.


Eye revision surgery is more complex than primary surgery. For example asymmetry of the eyelids, puffy and swollen eyelids as thick eyelid line, large and visible scar, and unsatisfactory eyelid line …etc. It is most important to calibrate the line through double eyelid revision surgery and change to a balanced eye shape that fits the individual. Also, after double eyelid surgery, if the muscle strength of the eye elevator muscle is weak, you can improve by ‘Glam Eye Surgery (non-incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction)’.

Eyelid revision surgeries required carefully analyze the cause of the failure of the original surgery, and should only be trusted to surgeon with specialized training and expertise in these procedures.


Best time to do eye revision surgery varies depend on each patient’s condition. It is most appropriate to decide after face to face consultation with a specialist. Normally, revision surgery is preferable if the scar is completely healed and the overall tissue is softened. But in a special case, the operation will be carried out within two weeks from the original surgery date. It is important to understand the problems and schedule the re-operation date in order to perform the eye surgery again.


Eye revision surgery should be planned to reduce further damage to the skin tissues as it is damaged. Revision surgery must be considering not only eye function but also facial features with others. A careful decision on the operation can result in a satisfactory result.



Helped by : Dr. Jang Woo Park from Wonjin Plastic Surgery


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