[Article] The importance of selecting the right implant that suits the body in breast augmentation surgery


Many women are keen to breast surgeries in order to get over with their insecurities and there are several reasons why they’re so eager to have it done. Congenitally small breasts or breasts that have lost a lot of volume and elasticity due to excessive weight loss, pregnancy and delivery can be dramatically improved through breast augmentation surgery. 

Since breast augmentation surgery involves implant insertion, it requires a very careful decision before proceeding. There is a wide range of shapes and types of breast implants so one must choose the right one depending on the body size for permanent satisfaction.

Breast implants are mainly classified into round and teardrop shape. Round implants mainly help to add volume on both upper and lower breast, creating glamorous size in overall. On the other hand, teardrop shape adds volume more on the lower breast areas, making the breasts look more natural and improves the droopiness.


Most recently, new implants such as Bellagel Micro, Motiva, Mentor Extra have been launched with natural shape, size and real breast-like texture. Since there is a wide variety of implants nowadays, it is very important to consult the doctor and select the most appropriate implant that suits my body ratio and shape before proceeding with the surgery.

As breast augmentation involves the insertion of foreign materials, entire surgical procedure must be performed in a strictly sterilized environment in order to prevent infection. Moreover, one must carefully observe if the hospital has systematic and continuous post-surgery care programs and its safety system for utmost satisfactory outcomes.

Helped by: Dr. Lee Sun Koo from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital
Reference http://www.stardailynews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=265392


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