Forehead lifting can be a fundamental solution for sagging skin due to aging

Dr. Kang from Wonjin hospital 

(Seoul=International News ) Hyungno Lee reporter

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and sags downward due to gravity. Many of the people around us worry about their saggy wrinkles. This aging is a natural phenomenon for everyone, but recently, the number of people who want to look younger than their age is increasing, which increases interest in plastic surgery.
There are various anti-aging surgery methods such as laser, thread lifting, etc., however forehead lifting is considered the most effective alternative method.

Dr. Kang from Wonjin hospital in Gangnam station said, "Forehead lifting is a surgery that pulls the skin of wrinkled area tighter and tightly fixating the saggy fascia by removing the extra skin. However it cannot simply pull the outwardly saggy skin, it has to pull from the SMAS layer, skin, fat layer, the fundamentally sagged skin. Only then can the surgery be effective and help prevent skin from sagging again. In addition, because an incision is needed, it must be made in the wrinkled area along the front or behind the temple hair line, which is the key to hiding scars.
Especially, when extensive lifting is performed to extend the range to the cheekbone during face lifting, the effect of pulling deep nasolabial folds, sagging jawline and neck wrinkles can be achieved. Thus, it is advised to consider each individual's skin condition to determine the proper operation area. Also, it is required to harmonize with the center of the face by adjusting the desquamation of fascia to achieve a high level of satisfaction and prevent awkward and unnatural results. In addition, this type of surgery takes exceptional skill because there are many nerves in the face, so it is advised to avoid unreasonable surgery and to verify that the surgeon has proper clinical experience and know-how and that the clinic has sufficient in-house safety systems.


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