Forehead and Eye Wrinkle Improvement by Endoscopic Forehead Lift


 Dr. Park Jang-Woo


(Seoul=Gukje News) Editor Lee Hyung-No = There are many factors that determine a person's image. Among them, the eyebrows and the eyes can change the overall facial impression even with the small changes. People who have close distance between their eyes and eyebrows or sagging eyebrows due to aging progress tend to causing wrinkles in their forehead and middle of the forehead. The deep wrinkles on the forehead might show as a harsh and mean look with aged appearance. 

Endoscopic forehead lift surgery is the one way to solve this fundamental problem and its effect lasts long enough. This surgery is not only corrects the skin layer but also cuts the inside of the hairline to pull the sagging skin and muscles, corrects the position of the eyebrows, and adjusts the distance between eye and eyebrow to improve sagging eyes. It creates brighter and smoother look by improving from the deep wrinkles on the forehead.


Endoscopic forehead lift surgery is done with two small incisions made inside the hairline with minimum scar and bleeding without neural damage. Additionally, there is an advantage that the shape of the eyebrows or forehead can be adjusted accordingly to the patients features. 

Dr. Park Jang-Woo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Gangnam said, Forehead lifting is very effective way to improve the aesthetic and functional problems caused by the forehead wrinkles for any age. However it could be look unnatural without considering patients wrinkle and skin conditions. It is recommended to get the surgery with the plastic surgeon with abundant experiences. 

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