Blunt and wide ‘Blunt nasal tip surgery’ needs appropriate surgical approach by type


‘Blunt nose’ has a blunt and flat nose tip, giving an unsophisticated impression. In addition, the nose is located in the center of the face is a three-dimensional part, and even a slight change in the impression changes, which is one of the reasons why many people choose ‘rhinoplasty’.

The typical types of the nose include hump nose, turned-up nose, short nose, and blunt nose. The most important is to plan systematically with the right type of surgery.

Among them, ‘blunt nose’ is a type of nose that is often seen in the form of a blunt and rounded nasal tip. In most cases, cartilage of alar is small and the skin is thick so that the surgery should be appropriate according to blunt nose type.  


In the case of the blunt nose with wide alar cartilage, trim the cartilage in small and stitch both sides up to bring them together. And then, insert ear cartilage or nasal septum cartilage between the left and right alar cartilage to create a support for improvement.  

If it is the blunt nose with alar cartilage which widely opened left and right side, the cartilage is trimmed small, sutured, and tied up together to rise the nasal septum connected to the bottom naturally and can be corrected with a straight nose.

In the case of blunt nose with a lot of fat and thick skin tissue, subcutaneous fat and flesh should be removed to increase the tip of the nose, and when the surgery is performed with the rhinoplasty that raises the nasal bridge, it is improved to the ideal nose by using ear cartilage or nasal septum cartilage on the top of the nasal tip.

If only the nasal bridge is elevated, the ‘blunt nose’ which has blunt and wide nose tip can lead to revision surgery due to dissatisfaction with the surgery result and discord with the overall face. In order to prevent these problems, it is important to approach the best suitable surgery.s   .

For satisfactory results, the surgery should be planned before surgery with a specialist who understands ‘rhinoplasty’ and considers height, shape, line, and everything for individual’s customized design to improve shortcomings. In addition, it is important to check carefully whether the safety system of the hospital that puts the patient’s safety in the first place and follow-up management to minimize the side effects such as inflammation and hematoma after the surgery. Also, drinking and smoking should be avoided because they can heal the scars slowly and instructions or cautions from the hospital should be followed thoroughly.


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